Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Table for one

TI have never been a good cook. In fact it's a running joke how I married my husband because he was such a good one. Maybe that is why I am so impressed with my ability to make food for my child. I am of course talking about breast milk. 
I am less impressed with my ability to make a human than fill tiny bottles with ounces of the liquid gold. I am so impressed I carry the bottle around the house for a victory lap and email pics to friends. 
My husband has a different take on the pumping. He thinks the contraption looks like something a sociologist from the National Archives would carry into the Deep South to record negro spirituals. 
My son is a good eater and I am pretty laid back about breastfeeding, but I never thought I would be this comfortable with my body as I feed him. Of course this is only in my house.

I am over those early feelings of being a dim sum cart.  I seemed to be always on edge, circling him every couple of hours wondering if he was hungry. I do still have the fear that he is too skinny. The founder of Eat Sleep Love have me a great formula that made me feel a bit more in control. She says your baby should be consuming double his weight in ounces every 24 hours. I never said I was good at math and with my diminished brain cells I had to write it out once I got home. For me that means my 9.5 lb baby should be consuming about 20 oz every 24 hours. PHEW! I can at east feed him, lets hope he gets his father's head for math

Monday, August 19, 2013

Yoda Mom

yoda-luke.jpgA bit of advice given before I have birth was "find your Yoda Mom". This is a women who has her second child at the same time as you so you can befriend her for all her wisdom. A brilliant plan! All my friends have toddlers or older at this stage and they have been a wealth of knowledge and equipment, but a Yoda Mom eluded me.
Yet my Yoda Mom has been with me for 15 years. My dear friend Ashley and I have led parallel lives as pageant girls, young professionals and married women. She delivers her second child any day now and I am going to pump her for information and inspiration!


Kudos to friends Louis Everard and Jennifer Nygard on a great story on their stylish shop,p0,d1

Revolving Door Ward

If you clock the time I spent in the hospital from the moment I gave birth it rounds up to 31 hours. I was offered another day but decided to go home. Why rush it? I wasn't trying to prove anything, I just felt there was more support at home than in the hospital.
A recent Daily Beast article makes me think I should have spent another day but then again the reason I went home was based on support.
It would be easy to blame it on insurance companies, but I think the issue comes from shrinking hospital staff and trying to fill many women's need of being in control of their delivery experience.
I for one was a little surprised to hear the baby would be with me from the moment I delivered. Couldn't someone else watch the baby that first night to let me get a full night of sleep?
Nope! There little Peter slept in his crisper while I tried to sleep off the drugs and the pain I was starting to feel.
I changed every diaper myself and I fed him without instruction from the first moment. I got some bang up meals delivered to my bed, but otherwise it was me, the baby and below basic TV.
So I headed home to the care of my mother and husband.
But I pushed it too much there too. Some how I figured I had to be a trooper and do SOMETHING other than lay in bed if the hospital was sending me home. Hindsight I should have taken a shower and curled into bed. Instead we took family pictures and sat around talking. The next day we were out to the pediatrician for a check up where I once the feeling of manning up was reinforced. If the doctors want the baby in the office they expect you should be bringing him.
So when a client called with a gig 4 days after delivery I said yes. It wasn't heavy lifting, why turn it down? Well if I had known I would faint 6 hours later I maybe would have reconsidered.
I have a feeling that will be the mantra of motherhood for me "If I had known, I would have reconsidered".

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Original Facebook Post

The royal birth announcement displayed on its gilt frame made me think of one thing, Facebook. The idea that this low tech, but classy display of news has been happening for centuries makes me thinking  what other magisterial traditions we should add some American ingenuity to monetize.

The Arch Campbell Show

I hope the last appearance before I give birth...

Long Term Care

I do love the guys from EBW... they make this all understandable