Monday, July 22, 2013

The Original Facebook Post

The royal birth announcement displayed on its gilt frame made me think of one thing, Facebook. The idea that this low tech, but classy display of news has been happening for centuries makes me thinking  what other magisterial traditions we should add some American ingenuity to monetize.

The Arch Campbell Show

I hope the last appearance before I give birth...

Long Term Care

I do love the guys from EBW... they make this all understandable Get on Board

(click on image for story) Trolley Story

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Red Tricycle DC

I am so excited to be part of the team of writers for in DC. You can read my stories at but I will also post them here. Feel free to send me story leads!

Mentioning the Unmentionables

I did many things right when I first found out I was pregnant. The early sign I was in the family way was "the girls". I immediatly grew out of my brassieres and I didn't look forward to buying new ones every couple of weeks as they started to grow. 
in one of my early trimester fogis I found myself at Bed Bath and Beyond and there staring me in the face was the Genie Bra. I'd seen it on late night television showing off how the productcould lift your best friends in the right direction this seems like the perfect thing for my growing chest. With coupon in hand I figured why not. This was the best investment of the entire pregnancy!
I have relied on these space age fibers for the last 40 weeks and now I'm looking forward to buying new underwear. the next phase of my body will be interesting. I have no idea what I'm going to be left with so one of the first things I plan on doing is treating myself, for the very first time, to fancy drawers.
 I've never been one to splurged. When I found something that worked I got a lot of them in every color available. 
Next up the nursing bra. They just look darn painful. If I can intuitively find the right thing like I did at the beginning it will be the perfect solution to the age old problem of "the girls".

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Push Gift

I can't remember the first time I heard about the idea of a gift for giving birth, but I do remember thinking "A reason for getting jewelry! I am fine with that." The concept is simple. When a woman gives birth, she expects a large item of jewelry to commemorate the birth.
My mom has two lovely items from giving birth to my sister and I, but I remember the engraved silhouettes she gave my grandmother for each of her grand kids.
I want a push gift, in fact I have known exactly what I wanted as soon as I found out the due date. Sharing this information and price tag were the hard part. How do you break it to your husband you want something of monetary value to commemorate the moment that is invaluable?
Thanks to Mervis Diamonds it makes I easier to discuss.

Mervis Diamonds is offering free diamond earrings to the couple who has a baby closest to the day and time of William and Kate's Royal Baby. If your baby is due any moment visit to enter.  
Here's hoping the most recognizable voice in DC calls with some good news soon!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trippy Love

Thanks to the wonderful Claudine Kurp of Kid Trips for showing interest in my journey. 
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Destination Cuisine on MHz

Who doesn't like eating for a living?!

The Pet Show Product review

Love being a contributor on The Pet Show

Friday, July 5, 2013


I'm lounging in bed trying to stay awake by watching a PBS show on The Orient Express. The glamour and history is just as intoxicating as the vistas from the 80 hour trip. Then I am struck by the reality,mI can't just get on the train.
I have been a world traveler my entire life crossing the globe several times before my firs birthday. Travel has always been important to me. It is how I learn and my parents realized t early enough that they would plan family vacations based on school curriculum to help me retain I formation.
While my college peers went to the beach over spring break I would find a buddy to go on a European adventure. After graduation I promised myself I would take a big trip every year and realized if I went ahead of the Olympics I could let the IOC do the decision making for me, and relive my vacation while watching the sporting events.
Now I lay in bed with a bag packed for a trip to the hospital. Not the same at all. Bt I am already considering how to travel with an infant. I hope to sneak away for a weekend at a B&B in the first month. My first plane trip is planned for October when I have a gig in Atlanta. I will ship diapers and task my mom with watching Bjorn while I am on camera.
I maybe fooling myself at how easy this could be, but I also don't want to let fear keep me at home

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's Talk Vacation

Showers and Their Themes

I have been blessed with great friends. They are supportive, funny, talented and true. They have been so excited about my pregnancy. I think its because they knew I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut about every moment. They have also risen to new heights of thematic parties. 

It all started with Miss DC 2009 who threw the first shower. Dozens of former contestants, volunteers and gay men got together. They supplied baby pictures so the room could be decorated in a kiddie pageant theme.

Next came a weekend away with some of my bridesmaid. We stopped for ice cream at every road side stall on the way to the beach.  We sat around and relaxed and shared stories and took naps. I was banished to my room one night to set up a party. We had decided there would be no gifts, but they just couldn't help themselves. To be honest, I am glad. They gave me their children's favorite books and 
we played ridiculous games and shared enormous 
cupcakes. Then the real gifts came out. Mini buttons with all my favorite things on 
them and hand written advice cards that made me cry. 

Then it was back to my childhood home for an epic celebration. Your family can't live in a town for 40 years and not have fewer than 60 people at a baby shower! My mom's good friends drowned me in love and baby items. But the best part were the buffet and goody 
bags all handmade by women I've known my entire life. Anyone can make chips and dip but macarons from scratch? SERIOUSLY? It 
was almost as impressive as me making a human!

An office shower kicked off the summer. We gathered for fried chicken and humor and an awkward game where my coworkers used 
string to guess my size. Somehow, appropriately, "The Voice" of the Newseum guessed it EXACTLY right. 

Now at 36 weeks the final thank you cards have been written for the neighborhood party. What was to be a simple BBQ turned into a 
heart warming evening. It started with a hand painted shelf in my favorite color and then every neighbor selected a children's book for the shelf. Classics, favorites and unknowns were added one by one till the shelf was full!
The nursery is still a disaster. The 10 year old IKEA computer desk is still in place and the crib is weeks away from delivery. My mom arrives in 2 weeks and then the room will 
suddenly look like a decorated room thanks to her fine touch. I just hope Bjorn doesn't 
arrive first.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fashion Review

Thanks to fellow blogger María José for asking me to review some wonderful wears from Thyme Maternity. Click on the image to read my review

Get Ready!

We have this offensive term at the office. We refer to birth as "splashdown". It's the perfect combination of rocket science and disgusting. Just like the actual birth. Even more the baby is like a little astronaut in his capsule with the life line, so I really love the term.

Now that I have less than 30 days to go I realize my body is going into this weird mode that i cannot control. I feel like the baby is going through a check list with my body. It reminds me of the count down in mission control at NASA. I feel like my body has disconnected from my brain and I am just watching. When I finally go into labor I will know how much of this is in my head and how much is nature