Thursday, July 18, 2013

Push Gift

I can't remember the first time I heard about the idea of a gift for giving birth, but I do remember thinking "A reason for getting jewelry! I am fine with that." The concept is simple. When a woman gives birth, she expects a large item of jewelry to commemorate the birth.
My mom has two lovely items from giving birth to my sister and I, but I remember the engraved silhouettes she gave my grandmother for each of her grand kids.
I want a push gift, in fact I have known exactly what I wanted as soon as I found out the due date. Sharing this information and price tag were the hard part. How do you break it to your husband you want something of monetary value to commemorate the moment that is invaluable?
Thanks to Mervis Diamonds it makes I easier to discuss.

Mervis Diamonds is offering free diamond earrings to the couple who has a baby closest to the day and time of William and Kate's Royal Baby. If your baby is due any moment visit to enter.  
Here's hoping the most recognizable voice in DC calls with some good news soon!

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