Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Table for one

TI have never been a good cook. In fact it's a running joke how I married my husband because he was such a good one. Maybe that is why I am so impressed with my ability to make food for my child. I am of course talking about breast milk. 
I am less impressed with my ability to make a human than fill tiny bottles with ounces of the liquid gold. I am so impressed I carry the bottle around the house for a victory lap and email pics to friends. 
My husband has a different take on the pumping. He thinks the contraption looks like something a sociologist from the National Archives would carry into the Deep South to record negro spirituals. 
My son is a good eater and I am pretty laid back about breastfeeding, but I never thought I would be this comfortable with my body as I feed him. Of course this is only in my house.

I am over those early feelings of being a dim sum cart.  I seemed to be always on edge, circling him every couple of hours wondering if he was hungry. I do still have the fear that he is too skinny. The founder of Eat Sleep Love have me a great formula that made me feel a bit more in control. She says your baby should be consuming double his weight in ounces every 24 hours. I never said I was good at math and with my diminished brain cells I had to write it out once I got home. For me that means my 9.5 lb baby should be consuming about 20 oz every 24 hours. PHEW! I can at east feed him, lets hope he gets his father's head for math

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