Monday, January 21, 2013

Lots to report

Trying to keep this all quiet has meant that I cannot blog about it. But now I can!
I have been exhausted for months. The tip off that I was with child, should have been the 6 hour car ride I slept through in mid November.
I muscled through till Thanksgiving when it was all confirmed. Since then I have been spending any time after 6 in my bed. It is so irritating to not have the energy to accomplish anything other than drinking large amounts of water.
I always though being pregnant would be a whole lot of eating at buffets. But alas, I have only been craving salad and tomatoes. It is so disappointing. I did eat a lot the first month. That tired feeling mostly disappears when I eat. So I kept eating. When I finally realized that it wasn't helping I think I had already gained about 10 lbs. That means I haven't gained anything in the last 2 because I am eating like a normal person. YET I seem to be suddenly huge.
Thankfully a Miss DC comes in many sizes, so I called the one who is 6 feet tall and asked to borrow some dresses... when you put an amazon's dress on a short, pregnant woman it actually works!
Now after confirming that nothing fell out of me while I flew to too many places, I now feel like I have an alien in me.

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