Saturday, June 15, 2013

Keep It Classy

It is the time in the pregnancy when CME and I are taking classes. I signed up for these classes months ago and today was the first-- CPR for Infants.

Who is it that said "if you can't find the patsy at the poker table you are it"? I always think of this when I enter a classroom. There is that couple in every class that you think "just shut up so we can get this over with!"

Shouldn't there be rules to follow in parenting classes?

1) No one wants to hear your "advice from experience". We are taking the class so we can get a baseline of knowledge. If we wanted to hear your story of the time your child choked on a jelly bean we would ask.
2) When you speak in class and no one turns around in their seat to look at you, you have no audience. Maybe your thinking "wow I didn't even notice no one looked at me." That is because you were too busy holding court.
3) When it comes time to practice in class don't take it as an audition. We all know the script. We are trying to murmur it while imagining ourselves in the situation. Your cries of "CALL 911" are not needed and concerning to the jazzercise class across the hall.

And if your the instructor, these rules apply to you! Its not time for your 2 hour comedy set. Give us the instruction and a laugh half way through and we, your students, will leave happy and informed.

There are exceptions to the rule. You have a handy little tip that you found your friends didn't even know about, please share it.

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